April 10, 2022 at 5:59pm | Kendra Sheikho
Who could have imagined that a global pandemic would be a catalyst for one of the most dramatic upswings the real estate industry has seen in recent years.

As homes became our office spaces, classrooms, and mask-free sanctuaries, many Americans realized they needed a new setup. This hyper-focus paired with record-low mortgage rates inspired many buyers to step into the market — far exceeding the available inventory of homes.

Still, even with skyrocketing demand, homeowners selling in a seller’s market should do their due diligence to ensure they’re selling their home for the best price possible. With help from a top-sellling real estate agent team, here are some tips and tricks! ;)

1. Cut your budget for cosmetic upgrades like staging and renovations

With fewer properties to choose from, eager buyers are more willing to overlook outdated interiors and cosmetic issues than they would in a buyer's market here beautiful homes are a dime a dozen.

2. Plan your next move before you sell

When making plans to list your home, prepare for your next move at the same time. Pre-pack whatever you’re taking to your next home, and donate, sell, or toss whatever you don’t want. Clearing out the clutter will open up your room and make your home appear more spacious too!

3. Strategically price your home to encourage multiple offers

Even in a seller’s market where bidding wars are common, you need a nuanced pricing strategy to ensure you sell your home for the most money possible!

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