January 23, 2022 at 3:34pm | Kendra Sheikho
Let’s get one thing straight: moving across the country often proves to be the toughest type of residential moving, challenged only by complicated cases of international relocation.

To move to a new residence that is located hundreds or thousands of miles away is definitely not something you can joke about – the mere thought that so many things could go wrong during that intensely transitional period is enough to send you into a state of panic.

Here are a few tips to make this cross country move easier for you!

#1. Follow a moving checklist

Regardless of the move distance between the two homes (neighboring state or coast to coast), the one thing that will remain unchanged is the myriad of tasks that are waiting for you and you alone.

#2. Request cost calculation
It’s hardly a surprising statement that the cost to move across the country is almost always higher than the cost of moving locally. The real question is just how much higher, right?

Having your moving price calculated long before Moving day is something you just must do as it will introduce more clarity into your family budget and will hopefully ease your mind too.

#3. Make up your mind: driving or flying?
Your long-distance mover will be charged with the task of protecting and transporting your possessions from Point A to Point B, but what about you and the people you are moving with? How do you plan to reach the new address?

Moving across the country in your car is the most common way to reach the destination of a long-distance move. And if that’s your plan too, then remember to have your transportation vehicle serviced prior to Moving day so that the moving trip goes as smoothly as silk. Also, plan your car journey well in advance to avoid potentially bad last-minute decisions.

On the other hand, if you intend to fly to your new home, then you should definitely think about how to move your car across the country. Contact a few top-rated car shippers and get price quotes so that you can select the best offer in terms of pricing and conditions.



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