January 06, 2022 at 6:28pm | Kendra Sheikho
As you plan for the New Year, you might think of putting off buying a house until the springtime when the weather warms up and the traditional homebuying season arrives. However, the best time to buy a house is actually during the colder weather.

This is something every real estate investor should keep in mind. Paying attention to the timing is one way to get amazing deals and succeed in real estate. Moreover, property investors can benefit in multiple ways by purchasing an investment property this month. Here are the main reasons why January is the best time to buy:

1) Affordable Home Prices

The first feature of the best time to buy a house  is when housing prices are low. The price of investment properties is a major factor in real estate investing. The lower the price of the property, the lower your cash investment will be. Home prices i n January typically take a dip and reach their lowest point compared to other months.

2) No Bidding Wars

In the springtime, you’ll have to compete against not only other property investors but homebuyers as well. On the other hand, there’s little competition in January – another reason for naming it the best month to buy a house for real estate investors. While the number of houses for sale drops in the winter, the number of buyers also declines even more

3) It’s a Buyer’s Market in January

Generally, spring is considered a seller’s market while winter, a buyer's market . Our previously mentioned reasons to buy an investment property in January all point to this fact. Lower home prices, for example, obviously favors buyers. Furthermore, the fact the there are fewer homes for sale is also good for buying an investment property and bad for selling.

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