November 24, 2021 at 9:15pm | Kendra S
Here are some reasons to list your home this Holiday Season!

Motivated Buyers Shop All Year

The holiday season is filled with holiday parties, family gatherings, gift shopping, and a variety of other time consuming tasks. The holiday season is often the reason why many buyers will discontinue their home search because they’re too busy with other things.

One of the top reasons to list your home during the holidays is that the quality of the potential buyer of your home improves greatly. Motivated buyers will shop for homes all year, even if it’s the holiday season. These serious buyers want to take advantage of lower interest rates rather than waiting and potentially being effected by an interest rate increase.

Buyers Have More Time To Search & Shop For Homes

It’s common that people have more time off from their job during the holiday season.  This means that potential buyers have more time to search and shop for homes.

Not only do buyers spend more time searching online for homes during the holidays but because they have additional time off from work, they generally have more time to view homes in person.  The extra time that motivated buyers have to search and shop for homes is another excellent reason to list your home during the holidays.

Fewer Competitors During The Holidays

One of the top reasons why shelling a home during the holiday can be advantageous is because there are fewer competitors.  This means that many of your neighbors are waiting to list their home until after the holidays or maybe even until the spring.  It’s also not that uncommon for some homeowners to ask to have their home pulled off the market during the holidays.

Homes Show Better During The Holidays

One exceptional tip for showings is to ensure that your home is clean, neat, and organized.  If you’re going to be hosting family during the holidays, there’s a good chance that you’ll be cleaning and organizing every inch of your home.

The holiday season is also a popular time for homeowners to bring out their inner chef and baker skills.  Cookies, pastries, and dinners are created during the holidays which means your home is going to smell amazing during showings.

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